Thursday, April 03, 2008

Goat Radio; April 3, 2008; High Noon Saloon

Seriously, how can Goat Radio just keep getting better? Every time I see them the band gets a little bit tighter, their playing a little sharper, and their singing a little stronger. Tonight’s happy hour show was just further evidence of that. I arrived a half hour late after a long day of work worried that I had missed much of the show. Luckily, they were also a little late so they were only on their third song when I got there. Apparently I hadn’t missed any of my favorites since I still got to hear “Nadine,” “Gary, Indiana” and the Jack Rice sung “Really Rock You Tonight.”

Tonight we also got the Storytellers version of a Goat Radio set. Jack encouraged lead singer John Weidenhoeft to tell the story behind “Arriza.” His charmingly rambling explanation of the song’s origin is a good portion of its charm. In addition to the “song about a song about a book which is really about a girl” line, he also went on to give a synopsis of Gabriel Garcia Marques’s literary classic “Love in the Time of Cholera” which he had read after a girl who broke up with him compared him to the main character. Though his version ended “and then they all got Cholera,” which isn’t quite the way I remember it ending.

The story behind “Barmaid” has become almost as familiar. After John Doe implored the patrons at his show to “Tip their barmaid,” he noticed only Steve behind the bar. Weid made sure no one would ever forget it by writing a song about it. The set also included a rocked-up version of Lucinda Williams’ “I Lost It,” a well-chosen cover that the band makes their own. After recently introducing Jack to a friend as someone who “had played my basement” he asked when they could come back. Hopefully it will be soon.

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