Friday, August 08, 2008

Bound Stems; August 8, 2008; The Frequency

The first time I saw the Bound Stems they were on a bill with the Long Winters as part of a rather drunken four band night at the High Noon. I promptly declared my love for them, but up until now I wasn’t sure if that was just the whiskey talking. OK, so it is possible that it is just the whiskey repeating itself (they make a tasty drink at the Frequency), but I loved them again this time. The middle band on a bill with like-minded local power pop bands, Chicago’s Bound Stems hit the stage with energy and abandon. Most of that comes from the genuine chemistry between the male and female leads, especially the pixieish Janie Porche , who bubbled over with an irresistible charm.

The tracks that I have heard from their upcoming CD release The Family Afloat, already available on vinyl with digital download, remind me of a less angsty Bright Eyes, and it seems destined for my year-end list. Live the individual songs didn’t make as much of an impression as the players did. They had me smiling all the way through their too short set. I only wish they got up here more often.

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