Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Safes/The Motorz; November 13, 2010; High Noon Saloon

I was out of town for Halloween weekend this year, but if I hadn’t been I would have been treated to the odd sight of the four members of the Motorz playing a show wearing black, curly wigs and wrestling singlets. They were playing a set as the Dictators, and not knowing anything about that band I asked if that’s what they wore. Turns out they were all dressed as the band’s lead singer Handsome Dick Manitoba. Now him I’ve heard of. To finish their Saturday happy hour set tonight they played a Dictator’s song they didn’t get a chance to play on Halloween. Now that I know something about the Dictators, I might have to check them out. Admittedly, I’ve seen enough pictures of the band in their costumes that I am pretty sure I don’t need to actually see the Dictators.

Other than that song and another Dictators’ song during the set, it was a show surprisingly low on covers. Don’t get me wrong, they choose great songs, but I don’t see the Motorz enough to get tired of their songs. And that’s what I want to hear. They’re mostly about girls, (especially tonight, a fact the band even commented on) easy to sing along to, and ridiculously catchy- the perfect power pop recipe. It also makes them a perfect pairing for the power trio the Safes from Chicago. The band consists of a pair of handsome brothers and an adorable floppy haired bass player. I would have liked them no matter what they sounded like. Luckily they were pretty awesome. The brothers both sing and switched off on drums, with one singing the first half and then taking a seat behind the kit for the second half to allow the other to take center stage. All the while the bass player struck classic rock poses, yep, nothing but trouble. I will definitely try to see them again next time they come to town.

Not a bad way to start a Saturday night.

The Motorz

The Safes

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