Friday, July 27, 2012

Jason & the Scorchers; July 27, 2012; Schwoegler’s Valley Lanes, Belleville

I was pretty sure that tonight’s show was going to be of the “once you get past the fact that it sucks, it’s kinda cool” variety, (ie shows at the Oneida Casino in Green Bay, where the stage is behind the bar), instead it just kinda sucked. There was plenty to like of course. It was only $5, the bar had a pretty delicious fish fry, and it was Jason & the Scorchers after all. But there was no stage, so only the people in the front row ringing the band could see and honestly it just didn’t sound good.

It’s likely been said before that Jason Ringenberg can’t sing. And that’s true, but he can’t sing in a Bob Dylan sort of way, not in the way that I, for instance, can’t sing. His nasally twang is not for everyone, but I’ve always enjoyed it (unsurprising, I like Dylan too). When I say it didn’t sound good tonight, it’s not because it was in a bowling alley with a rented PA, it’s because I thought Jason’s voice just didn’t sound good. I know, blasphemy, but that’s what I heard. On a related note, the Scorchers do a pretty sweet cover of Dylan’s “Absolutely Sweet Marie” which is pretty much my favorite moment of their shows. That was true again tonight.

I stood for half the set, but it was a surprisingly tall crowd and I never got a good sightline. After awhile I retired to our table and listened to the rest of the show over the din of chatter from the girlfriends whose boyfriends were up front and other people who weren’t really sure why they were there other then there was something going on at the Bowling Alley on a Friday night and they were going be there. I guess that is maybe why I was there too.

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