Friday, August 24, 2012

David Bazan; August 24; Kiki’s House of Righteous Music

David Bazan, of Pedro the Lion fame, has played over three hundred living room shows in the last several years, so it was a little surprising that this was his first time at the House of Righteous Music. Especially since it’s Undertow, who also does Will Johnson and the Bottle Rockets, who books all those shows. And while it wasn’t exactly my thing, I’d have him back anytime because this was absolutely the easiest show I have ever done. The show sold out a month before, with more than half the tickets being scooped up before I even knew they were on sale or had announced it to my email list. That meant no promoting necessary.

Bazan’s fans are passionate and reverential, and that meant they all showed up on time. Earlier in fact than the man himself, who strolled in at ten after eight, late for his own show. But when your set-up is this easy, that’s OK. He was accompanied by a guitar player, while he played bass. Each of them carried a small amp which they plugged in and the show began. He played a couple of songs before asking if anyone had any questions, and people did. He answered several before playing a few more songs. That set the pattern for the evening which repeated itself several times. The questions ranged from what are his favorite cities to why he doesn’t want to be Pedro the Lion anymore. His voice, which reminds me of Alejandro Escovedo and carried well when he was singing, was softer when he was speaking. I had a hard time hearing him at the back of the room, so I don’t know exactly what his answers were.

After a little more than an hour of that he and his guitarist packed their stuff up. He hung out for a little while talking to the fans but everyone was out of the house by 10:30. I stood in the empty basement which required no clean-up trying to remember if that had ever happened before. On the way out everyone thanked me and commented on how amazing the show was. It was good, but if they want to see a great show they should really come back the next time Jon Dee Graham is in the basement.

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