Saturday, November 03, 2012

Milo Greene/Bahamas; November 3, 2012; High Noon Saloon

Milo Greene isn’t a person, it’s a band. I suppose it’s fitting that a band with no designated lead singer would have such a name. They all have microphones, they all sing, mostly at the same time, and all the songs kinda sound the same. It was fine for awhile, but there are only so many “whoa whoas” in harmony a person can take before they just have to get out. Not that it matters, I wasn’t there to see them. I was there for my friend Tim’s birthday, kinda.

Mostly I was there for Bahamas, the stage name of Afie Jurvanen. I went to his show at the Frequency earlier this year because Dietrich Gosser was opening and because I had seen him a couple years ago with Jason Collett and Zeus (also known as the show where I fell madly in love with Zeus). The show in April was truly great, Dietrich sounded terrific and Bahamas was an unexpected delight. I bought an LP on the way out. I haven’t stopped listening to it since. This thirty minute set wasn’t quite as great, but only because it was shorter and I already knew how awesome it was going to be. And it was. His intriguing line-up once again featured the drummer from the Weakerthans and two backing singers, all three surprisingly essential to the sound. The High Noon was packed with people I didn’t know, which is usually a bad sign. The eighteen and over crowd mostly talked, and only sometimes listened, while Bahamas played. The ridiculously infectious “OK, Alright, I’m Alive” did seem to make them take notice, though that may have been wishful thinking on my part.

Despite the annoying crowd, the too short set, and being whoa whoaed to death later, I was so glad I was there. I can’t wait to hear more from Bahamas, and I hope he comes back soon.

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