Friday, March 08, 2013

Something to Do/Centime; March 8, 2013; High Noon Saloon

I hadn't seen Centime since their very first gig over two years ago. It wasn't like I'd been avoiding them, in fact I was anxious to see them again after hearing multiple reports of how good they were, there was just always something else keeping me away. The reports are to be believed, they've gotten really good. Instead of a collection of covers, they now play all originals. Three of the band members sing and they all sound great together. Boy do I feel dumb for not having seen them for so long. I promise to do better.

I had no idea what Something to Do was. So it was a very pleasant surprise when they turned out to be a ska band led by the always entertaining multi-instrumentalist and perennial sideman Ropin' Rodeo Nate. There's a reason ska had it's moment in the sun, it is really fun stuff, I'm just not sure why it was only a moment. I'm happy to report it is alive and well with Nate and his band. I didn't know anyone else in the band, but they were all great players. I couldn't stop smiling.

This was the most unexpected fun I've had in a long time.


Something to Do

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