Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sebadoh; November 10, 2013; Schubas, Chicago

I love Lou Barlow.  I love his soothing croon of a voice, I love his floppy hair (which honestly could currently use a cut), I love his self-deprecating humor, I love Folk Implosion, I love his solo stuff, I love the songs he sings in Sebadoh.  I don’t really love the songs the other guy sings so much, but tonight I found another thing to love about Barlow.  Don’t laugh, but I just realized what a great a bass player he is.  Yes, I would think he would have had to have been to be in Dinosaur Jr, but didn’t he get fired from that band?  More than once?  OK, maybe not, but in the past when I saw Sebadoh I didn’t pay as much attention when Jason Lowenstein took the mike.  Tonight we were right up front stage left, a bad place to be when Barlow was singing, but a great place to be when he was playing bass.  Instead of switching guitars like they did at the High Noon, they would switch spots.  This gave me a great perspective to admire not only his bass playing, which was intricate and melody driven instead of just rhythm, but also the fact that he has pretty awesome arms.  They concentrated on songs from the new record, Defend Yourself, which I had listened to just enough to make them familiar, but there were a few older songs thrown into the mix.  Pretty great.  Yep, I sure do love Lou Barlow.

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