Sunday, January 19, 2014

Superchunk/Bare Mutants; January 19, 2014; High Noon Saloon

On the guest list at the door of the High Noon under "affiliation" it said superfan.  I may be a superfan of music in general, but the truth is, I know nothing about Superchunk other than the fact that Bob Mould's rhythm section of Jon Wurster and Jason Narducy were holding down the same duties tonight.  Narducy was ridiculously entertaining to the point of distraction when I saw him play with Mould in Duluth, but tonight he seemed a little more mellow, maybe because he didn't know the material as well.  He was filling in for original Superchunk bassist Laura Ballance, and at one point before a song lead singer Mac McCaughan said "I don't know if Jason knows this one."  "I know it," he reassured Mac before he even told him what song it was.  I was convinced.

Bare Mutants


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