Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Adam Levy with Brian Halverson; November 4, 2014; The Brink Lounge

I had been hoping to have Honeydogs frontman Adam Levy play the basement on this solo tour, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.  Instead he ended up in the Brink Lounge playing a free show in front of a handful of folks, only a few who seemed to be there specifically for the show (ie me, Bill, Michelle).  I hadn't seen the Honeydogs in years, and had missed their last Madison show because I was hosting Ian Moore at the house.  That would be the first time he played, way back in 2007.  After that they gave up on Madison, but had still been playing their hometown of Minneapolis and the occasional out of town show in Chicago.  It was good to see Levy, but even better to see guitarist Brian Halverson who joined him for half of his set.  Apparently Halverson hadn't played many of these songs in years, but he never missed a beat.  He may be the key to getting a Honeydogs show at the house, since he was super enthusiastic about the idea.  Maybe someday.

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