Monday, June 23, 2014

Bob Mould/Split Single; June 23, 2014; Pritzker Pavillion

No, he isn't "my Bob," that would definitely be Dylan, but I do enjoy seeing Bob Mould.  That has a lot to do with the company (the friends sitting around me tonight are all huge fans) as well as the band.  Bob has chosen a particularly excellent rhythm section to back him for the last several years.  He's mentioned that this is the longest running band he's had, "probably because we don't drink."  Drummer Jon Wurster has a goofy cool, while bass player Jason Narducy (yes, second Monday in a row seeing him) is absolutely hypnotic, and I find myself watching him the most.  Luckily there was a double shot of Narducy tonight, his band Split Single was the opening act on the Pritzker Pavilion's massive stage.  I was a little late, blame the bus, but I did get there in time to see the lovely Nora O'Connor guest on a couple songs.  Chicago definitely knows how to throw a free concert series.
Split Single

Bob Mould

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