Friday, June 20, 2014

Guided By Voices/Bobby Bare Jr; June 20, 2014; The Barrymore Theater

Guided By Voices inspires a fandom like few other bands enjoy.  Leader Robert Pollard and his rotating band of merry men disbanded in 2004 but then reformed in 2010, and have continued their hard rocking, hard partying ways.  For this show at the Barrymore, Pollard gave away as many Miller Lites as he drank.  And he drank a lot.  I only wished I was in the front row for a moment before actually noting the swaying, sweating, beer-soaked mass.  Thanks, but I'll pay $5 for a Hopalicious and stay dry.  Bobby Bare Jr's opening set was well-received by a crowd that started thin but grew as their set went on.  Hopefully that enthusiasm will translate to a good turnout next time he plays the house.  His all-star band this time around included a guy from Deer Tick, a mysterious drummer known only as "Sticks McGillicuddy," and a local boy who turned out to be the nephew of the Cafe Carpe's Bill and Kitty.  Small world.
Bobby Bare Jr

Guided by Voices

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