Saturday, September 20, 2014

The War on Drugs/Califone; September 20, 2015; The Majestic Theater

When Tim Rutilli told me this summer that they were going to be opening for the War on Drugs in the fall I didn't know what that meant.  Having only a vague idea of what they were, and having never listened to them (that I was aware of), I replied, "That sounds terrible."  Before the show I listened to the last record a few times and decided it wasn't terrible at all.  I didn't envy Califone trying to win over the hipster crowd that had sold out the Majestic, none of which were there for them.  Still, they played a fantastic set that kept me smiling the whole time.  With a short set time, there wasn't much room for Rutilli's hilariously inappropriate and oft uncomfortable banter, but they did what they could.

As for the War on Drugs, I didn't really get what all the fuss was about, and didn't blame my plus one at all when he decided to bow out after a half hour.  I stayed a bit longer, but eventually decided it was all starting to sound the same.  Which is fine, given the sold out crowd, I don't think they missed me at all.


The War on Drugs

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