Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sebadoh/Saturday Night Duets; September 25, 2014; High Noon Saloon

I'd rather see one of Lou Barlow with the Missing Men, or revisiting the glory of Folk Implosion, but I'll still go see Sebadoh whenever they're in town.  Since his songs are much heavier, it isn't really surprising that I don't enjoy the the songs that co-frontman Jason Lowenstein sings as much as those sung by Barlow, but it does give the band an unexpected balance.  Plus, it turns out Barlow is a pretty awesome bass player.  Who knew?  Oh right, everybody.  I look forward to his next trip through Madison, though I do hope he gets a haircut before then.  At the risk of sounding like his mother, his adorable flop of curls has turned into a concealing curtain of hair.

Saturday Night Duets


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