Friday, October 03, 2014

Ha Ha Tonka/We Make Noise/Into the Breach; October 3, 2014; The Bay, Warrensburg MO

When drummer Lennon Bone announced he was leaving Ha Ha Tonka, and their seemingly eternal life of touring, to spend more time at home, it seemed like the band couldn't possibly be the same.  So I figured I should probably travel to the middle of Missouri to find out.  Surprisingly, at the risk of blaspheme, they didn't seem all that much different.  In fact, the addition of the Spring Standards' James Smith on keyboards and backing vocals seemed to shake up the band more than replacing one of its original members.  There was a fair size crowd at this slightly off-kilter club in the small town of Warrensburg, also home to the University of Central Missouri, but they seemed like they were there as much for the openers (the surprisingly entertaining We Make Noise and the strangely mis-matched Into the Breach) as they were for Tonka.  Still it seemed like a good way to let new member Mike Reilly, the sweet-faced drummer of Hoots and Hellmouth, get comfortable.

Into the Breach

We Make Noise

Ha Ha Tonka

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