Monday, October 20, 2014

Robbie Fulks with Jon Langford & Sally Timms; October 20, 2014; The Hideout

Robbie Fulks recently joined the Mekons on a tour of the UK playing some truly unique and out of the way burgs, one of which was apparently only accessible by boat.  They returned with some great stories and a bunch of pictures.  So basically everyone at the Hideout tonight paid ten bucks to see their vacation photos, and no one was complaining.  There was lots of talk, and some singing.  "What was that, seven songs?" I teased Jon Langford after the show.  "It was nine," he replied mock indignantly, "as was agreed upon in the contract."  Add to the enjoyable company the fact that tour sponsor Lagunitas was supplying free IPA to everyone in the audience who wanted one (or more), and it was a pretty awesome evening.  Of course.

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