Saturday, October 04, 2014

Ha Ha Tonka; October 4, 2014; The Palms Bar & Grill

"You don't have much fun do you?" one of the patrons at the Palms asked me rhetorically when I told him I probably wouldn't be dancing during Ha Ha Tonka's set.  Ha!  If he only knew.  I agreed with him, hoping he would leave.  It worked.  If last night's gig was strange, this seemed like a parallell universe, not to mention a huge step backward.  There was no cover, there was no stage, there wasn't a decent PA, and there didn't appear to be anyone there who actually knew who the band was.  There was however a bunch of dudes who were starting a Matchbox 20 cover band and couldn't stop talking about it.  Apparently Tonka was going to play in the bar's beer garden, but abandoned that plan when the temperatures had dipped into the chilly.  It was weird, but fun, which I guess is exactly what I expected from a trip to Maryville.
Go Bearcats!

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